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DPF Regeneration in Lincoln - Bosch Service Centre

A DPF Clean in Lincoln That Keeps Your Car Running Smoothly

If you drive a diesel car, then you may be familiar with your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter - or DPF, for short. Located in your vehicle’s exhaust, the DPF is designed to reduce the level of harmful emissions produced by your car. If you tend to drive shorter distances, then there is a good chance that your vehicle’s DPF could be blocked without you even realising. This could be the case if you live in a small town, and don’t often need to travel far in your vehicle. Journeys of such consistently short distances will not give your vehicle enough time to complete the regeneration process. When you need to book in for professional DPF regeneration in Lincoln, you can trust Bosch Service Centre to do the job right.

Is Your Diesel Particulate Filter Blocked?

Ordinarily, your diesel vehicle will carry out passive regeneration when the exhaust reaches a high enough temperature during a longer drive. However, when your diesel particulate filter is blocked, it will struggle to do so. Not to mention the layer of ash that will be left behind, which can go on to cause problems for your DPF.

Similarly, though the process of active regeneration that your vehicle’s electronic control unit activates will burn off some of the excess soot in your DPF, regeneration will not eradicate it entirely. By the time your DPF is 70% full of soot, you will need to book professional DPF regeneration in Lincoln so that a skilled garage team can clean the DPF for you.

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What Happens During a DPF Clean?

During a professional DPF clean, our skilled team of technicians will remove your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter, so that we can clean and replace the part if too much ash has built up over time. Be sure to take note if your vehicle’s DPF warning light is illuminated, so that you know it is time to book in and have DPF regeneration performed by the Bosch Service Centre team. If you do not book a DPF clean as soon as you can, then your vehicle may enter ‘limp home’ mode, meaning your vehicle’s performance will be limited. Book in for DPF regeneration in Lincoln with Bosch Service Centre, so that you can keep your vehicle running in good health today.

DPF Regeneration in Lincoln That Makes a Difference

With our 12 months parts and labour warranty, you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive the care it deserves. A DPF clean requires a certain level of expertise - not something you will get from just any garage. If your DPF is blocked, then it is likely that there is another issue at fault, which our team can investigate further. We will never settle for a subpar service, and will not rest until we find and resolve the issue for you. Don’t settle for a DPF clean in Lincoln performed by a less-qualified garage – book DPF regeneration with Bosch Service Centre today, and know that your vehicle will receive the highest possible standard of care.

Book a Professional DPF Clean in Lincoln Today

If you suspect your DPF may be blocked, book in for DPF regeneration in Lincoln with the Bosch Service Centre team. Our capable team of mechanics will be happy to find the source of the problem for you, and will offer helpful and honest advice to help you take care of your car going forwards. During the booking process, you can make us aware of any requirements you may have for your vehicle, so that we can factor this into the work we do. You won’t even need to pay until after the work is complete, so you can be sure that we always prioritise customer satisfaction above all else. Book a thorough DPF clean in Lincoln from Bosch Service Centre, and get your car running to its full potential today.

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